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About US

S.O.TECH was founded as a service to military and law enforcement personnel who demand the highest level of durability for their tactical gear and often need that gear to be custom designed to fit different individual mission requirements. We constantly search for stronger materials and manufacturing methods to provide the operator with maximum comfort, maximum strength, and superior ergonomics for each piece of gear that we manufacture.

S.O.TECH gear is built for comfort and extreme durability. Honor and integrity are the principles on which S.O.TECH was built. From one American soldier to another, we will deal with you honestly. No flashy advertising with phony slogans backed by foreign made gear that disintegrates on contact with water. We take time to listen to our customers and build the gear they want, to fulfill the mission requirements they need. We stand behind our gear. If you have any issues with a S.O.TECH product, call us and ask for the owner directly. We care.

Our design philosophy is based around user comfort and superior ergonomics or human engineering if you will. You will find an abundance of foam, elastic, wide straps, large/simple buckles, and other design features that are not cheap to produce but perform splendidly at distributing your load's weight. We want you to arrive at your destination ready for whatever your task at hand is, instead of exhausted from carrying your gear in a poorly designed pack. We test our gear for weeks in the real world to make sure it performs well when you need it to.

S.O.TECH doesn't cut corners on the design table. Just hold a piece of S.O.TECH gear next to any other piece of tactical gear on the market ­ you will see the difference.

Our cloth:
Most of our gear uses either a single, or even a double layer, of 500 to 1000 Denier Invista CorduraŽ. We donšt line gear with cheap pack cloth or substitute with low budget, rubber-backed cloth. Invista CorduraŽ is the strongest and most abrasion resistant cloth available. While there are other heavy fabrics, none of them come close to Invista CorduraŽ, and thatšs why chose to work with it.

Our webbing:
Nylon, strength-tested webbing is the only webbing used exclusively in S.O.TECH gear. We use heavier web when possible to add to strength. We stock all major widths and colors. Being located near the LA garment district gives us direct access to the widest array of materials.

Our fasteners:
Not only do we use the finest and strongest buckles and snaps, we also stock the most obscure buckle designs and combinations so that we always have "just the right buckle for the mission."

Our thread:
We use a thick 92 and 138 weight, bonded nylon thread as the standard on all of our products. This is a mountaineering weight thread used on harnesses. The industry standard is 69 weight thread (half the thickness of our thread) because it meets the minimum military specification requirements. Our 138 wt. thread costs twice as much and we had to have all of our machines bored out in order to accept it, but a burst seam out in the field, miles away from resupply, is not worth saving a couple of bucks on a spool of thread.

Other special materials:
Our closed-cell foam, rubber grips, plastic and other special materials are meticulously chosen in the purchasing process to ensure max durability and functionality under the heaviest of stress and the day and night wear down of combat conditions. My shop manager and my bookkeeper can't understand why we don't cut our costs in half by using cheaper materials, but maybe you folks in the field can explain it to them. I started this business building gear for the men on my team. At my design table, I knew that if I cut any corners, it would cost us in the field. I feel the same about designing gear today for our country's front line soldiers and operators who fight crime and foreign threats.

Soldiers require superior firepower in their weaponry, my philosophy is that they need equally superior quality in their load bearing gear as well. S.O.TECH is typically double the strength of the competition. How do we do it? A smaller operation and shorter runs means less overhead and smaller margins. Basically, when the competition sews 1000 holsters, it saves him a lot of money if he can save a dollar on each pouch by using imitation cloth and buckles. But when we do 20 pouches for your team, saving a dollar on each rig doesn't compare with the bad press when a cheap rig fails you. The mil spec may be fine for line units that have a supply sergeant there to exchange failed gear, but our customers are often weeks and months away from re-supply. Special Operations Forces, full time SWAT, and big city patrol cops beat our gear into the ground day after day, knowing S.O.TECH overbuilds to take the abuse.

It's a matter of honor. "That's just business," is not an excuse for us. If the warriors we serve can't trust us to be ethical businessmen, then how can they trust us to build the gear they can bet their lives on? It costs thousands of dollars to make templates, prototypes, go out and field-test, and make multiple changes/revisions to finally produce a new quality design. It costs others the price of one product to rip it off. It is one thing if we see we can make a significant improvement on a design, but another if our minds are so devoid of ideas that we are reduced to knocking off other product lines. If we ever get to that point, we will start sewing lingerie instead of tactical gear.

Why most companies can't knock off S.O.TECH:
1. Our designs are too intricate and durable for them to make enough money.
2. We listen to our customers and constantly improve our own designs and by the time they get our model dissected, built, and shipped out to the USA, we already have a newer and improved version on the street. If you see a design you feel is similar to ours, call us, we operate in with transparency.

Product warranty: S.O.TECH warrants that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. S.O.TECH will repair or replace (at its option), without charge, any product or part that is found to be defective under normal use and service. Such repair or replacement shall be the purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty. This warranty does not include normal maintenance and services and does not apply to any products or parts which have been subject to modification, misuse, negligence, accident, improper maintenance or repair by anyone other than S.O.TECH.

Warranty limitation
There is no other express warranty. S.O.TECH hereby disclaims any and all implied warranties, including, but not limited to fitness for a particular purpose. S.O.TECH shall not be liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages arising out of, or in connection with, product use or performance.

Terms and conditions
Prices are subject to change without notice. S.O.TECH reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Product specifications or design upgrades may take place without prior notice. S.O.TECH may add or remove accessory materials or discontinue models without incurring obligation.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item to us within 30 days of the S.O.TECH shipping date in the original condition (conditions apply to custom merchandise and purchase orders) and we will refund your money minus the restocking fee, or send you a replacement product based on customer preference. Custom items may be returned for adjustment if we have not made them in accordance with the instructions provided us. There are no refunds on custom products. When a purchase order is used to buy a product, the sale is considered final. Under this condition, merchandise is not returnable unless defective. Returns must have prior Factory Return Authorization (call for RA number) and are subject to a 20% of purchase price restocking / handling fee.

If you receive a package that is damaged, immediately notify your local UPS Customer Service or your local Postmaster. Have the report acknowledged in writing. Return the damaged item with a letter of explanation, the Postmaster's/UPS report and a copy of your invoice.



S.O.TECH strongly suggests that you do not operate or retain these products unless you have read and agreed to the following terms:

Firearms blades, pyrotechnics and explosives can be extremely hazardous, inherently dangerous and can cause death or physical injury. Firearms should be handled and used ONLY by persons who have been properly trained and qualified in their use, safekeeping, and handling, and have successfully passed an accredited firearms or hazardous devices safety course. If you have purchased a new firearm/hazardous device, first read its safety instructions before using it in conjunction with a S.O.TECH product. S.O.TECH products are carefully designed and manufactured from the best materials to perform their intended function properly with the device for which they are designed and marked. Should your S.O.TECH gear become worn, defective, loose, or ill-fitting, or if you have any questions regarding its use, maintenance or adjustment, immediately cease using the product and call customer service at (310) 202-9007. After purchase, test your S.O.TECH product with unloaded/inert devices to insure proper fit and to become familiar with the product's safety features. All firearms/hazardous devices should be stored, transported, and used with great care. Use care in placing weapons/hazardous devices into or removing them from your S.O.TECH gear. Be sure that the device is properly seated in its pouch/holster before use and during vigorous activity, such as jumping, running, walking or crawling. If originally incorporated in the holster design, any straps or snaps contained therein must be utilized for maximum safety and security. Periodic inspection is mandatory to insure proper form, fit and function of these products. Do not alter in any way, any safety device incorporated in any S.O.TECH product, especially for the purposes of accommodating firearms or hazardous devices for which the products was not intended. The user is warned not to customize or modify firearms/hazardous devices as such altering can greatly increase the chance of accidental discharge causing serious injury or even death to the user or other persons. Use extreme diligence at all times in situations where another person may attempt to take the an operatoršs weapon/device. The user is specifically warned that no holster is completely immune from having its contents wrestled away by third party. At the time of the original retail sale and delivery, the purchaser, NOT the manufacturer/retailer, assumes the entire risk and responsibility for determining the suitability and fitness of the product for the particular use intended.

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We are located in sunny Southern California, however, our traveling sales rep and trade shows frequently visit almost every area in the United States. We also have S.O.TECH Reps and Dealers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Please visit our ŗFind a Dealer˛ page or contact us directly at to be put in touch with your closest S.O.TECH dealer or representative.

I would be remiss to write about S.O.TECH without thanking the men and women who have gotten us here. S.O.TECH is a collection of ideas poured out into gear designs. Those ideas and their refinements came from the field. Special Forces, Rangers, Engineers, SEALS, DEA, ATF, FBI agents, Police Officers, Sheriffs Deputies, and shooting instructors have built S.O. TECH - and often for no other reason than to get well-designed and much needed gear out to their fellow operators. Every day I thank God that I am fortunate enough to work with soldiers and law enforcement, guys you can trust and guys who got us to where we are as a community and as a nation. A special thanks to you ­ the good guys.

James Cragg
Chief Executive Officer
Special Operations Technologies Inc.