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S.O. TECH Tour
Welcome to S.O. TECH

We would like to introduce you to the people that take your order, produce your gear, and ship it to you. Many customers don't realize that every stitch in their gear was laid by a person, not a computerized machine. We would like to introduce you to those people. We are proud to show you our American staff working in our clean and modern Los Angeles sewing facilities.

In this day and age, few companies still send designers out to meet with units in the field. Our designers bring ideas back to the design studio where new ideas are fabricated into our products and product lines. All too often, companies skip the expense of designing their own product, purchase a product and send it to a factory overseas and let them make copies. Still, some other companies take advantage of exploited workers in the third world to produce their product.

S.O. TECH is proud to show you our American facilities and to introduce you to the S.O.Tech family.