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Great Job!! From everything I've heard the BCT is extremely happy with your product, of course the ultimate testament of this item will be its performance in Iraq but I'm confident in its performance. You and your company have more than meet my expectations, I've forwarded your name and company information to all contracting offices throughout the country with a note stating that you're the most responsive and professional organization that I've worked with in years and that you provide a top quality product at a reasonable price

Thank you again for your outstanding performance, you've earned a spot at the top of my list!


I just wanted to say that you guys make one helluva great product!!! I have your Mission Go Bag that I use on a regular basis for training and carry. Can't wait to use this case and ammo carrier to protect my rifle and ammo. Cheers and have a great weekend!

Jee Choi
Chief Instructor
House of Black Dragon Society
Martial Arts, Self Defense, Combatives, Tactical Training Group
Jim & Paul,

I got the pack yesterday evening from UPS. Thank you very much for the effort to make this project happen.

This is a fantastic bag! Your execution of my crazy ideas is perfect, and I believe that you have come close to creating the perfect carry on backpack and it absolutely smokes the competition on all fronts. I can't wait to use it and will provide feedback shortly.

Thank you very much, I am an extremely happy camper!


US Soldier
(Identity kept anonymous per customer's request)

The first SO Tech product I purchased was a multicam Go Bag at Airsoft extreme a long while ago. I was so pleased with it that I immediately purchased a black one from SKD Tactical, then two more coyote brown ones for my friends. (One of those is actually being used for its intended mission overseas with my friend that is a DS Agent.) When I found out about the Mission Go Bag I knew I had to have one and SKD once again provided me with a nice multicam example. My buddy noticed me hauling it around and when I showed him how much stuff I had crammed inside he also purchased a multicam one from SKD. Every item I have purchased from you has held up under every-day use and all of my adventures on the many trails in Florida. I like how I can get any item you make in any color I desire too. Thanks again guys!

Nathan Dempsey

Hi Omar,

If you recall, I spoke with you the other day from Iraq. I am a Captain with the 5th Special Forces Group somewhere in Iraq. As I stated, I absolutely love the bag. I was traveling in a vehicle on a mission in Iraq in Feb 08 when my vehicle was hit by an IED. The pack was sitting on the floor by my leg when the shrapnel came in the vehicle. Even though my leg was hit, the pack took a couple of pieces that would have ended up in my leg. When I later looked at the bag I realized that it had taken a couple of hits. I honestly was expecting to see more damage but the pack was barely damaged. It was definitely a lot tougher than I had thought. Now I don't go anywhere in Iraq without the pack. We've been through a lot together and the bag is still in fantastic shape and still looks almost new. Of all the packs I've ever used it is by far the most rugged and useful pack I've seen out there. That's impressive!

CPT Chris Rusack

I just wanted to say how much I like and enjoy using the mission go bag. I purchased it as an EDC bag after trying many other messenger bags. It is by far the most thought out and well constructed bag that I have ever owned. I am not in the military or a LE officer, but I do appreciate good quality gear. In my opinion, this bag is far superior and more adaptable than any other sling/messenger bag on the market. I also love keeping my money in the USA. Thank you for a quality product.

Austin Wilkie

Jason and the rest of the Team at SO Tech:

This email is long overdue, but I received my plate carrier, the BLVV, and it went right into a bag for a recent trip overseas.  I want to thank all of you for the expeditious way you handled my order and the personal touches in getting it here on time.  This is an EXCELLENT piece of equipment, exceeding all my expectations.  It's modular, low profile, rugged and most of all fits like a second skin!  

Please pass an additional note of appreciation to the folks in the shipping dept...I deeply appreciated the note and the goodies.  The crowning touch:  Made in America.

God Bless all of you this Veteran's Day!

With best regards,

Chip Brown
Arlington, VA